Transform Arte, Art Fair Eisenstadt

Wolfgang Abfalter

Born 1964 in Waidhofen/Ybbs.
1986 successful degree in advertising graphic in Innsbruck. Since 2009 intense studies of painting with exhibitions in Austria, Germany and France. Acknowledgement and painting sales national and international.

Attention and sensibility distinguish Wolfgang Abfalter in all situations. That way he manages with ease to observe his surroundings and to see behind the curtain too. Socio-critical but never heartless, he treats the topics of our time – the big as well as the small affairs of everyday life. Abfalter is primarily interested in humans, the environment and the question how we’re gonna find and keep our luck.

Wolfgang Abfalters paintings are representational always. Often, he starts with real persons or situations which he then transforms into generally relevant statements by adding a pinch of symbolism. He expresses emotions and atmospheres with strong colours and keen compositions. Numerous paintings appear to be snapshots, show image sections quasi and pretend to be collages. Many a thing remains sketchy and thus gives room for interpretation.

Mag. Sabine Fürnkranz | Kunst-Service Wien


Tags: Künstler, Maler, Spontanrealismus