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The past few years have been challenging and transformative for many of us. How have we dealt with these challenges? What has motivated us to keep going and continue to grow?

The art fair TRANSFORM-ARTE is returning to Eisenstadt for the fourth time this year, promising a fascinating experience for artists, art lovers, and the curious alike. With resilience as the central theme, over 30 renowned artists will showcase their works and explore the power of resilience. The artists will be personally present and are excited to share their creative processes and ideas with visitors. Experience the magic of direct exchange and be inspired by the stories behind the artworks. Enjoy the accompanying program of live music, exciting readings, workshops, and inspiring lectures, all while savoring a good glass of wine and regional delicacies.

Photo: BVZ “Transforming through Art” – that’s the motto of the Transform-Arte art fair, which brings art back to the former Pädak in Eisenstadt in September. The motivated team behind it: Thomas Sailer, Susanne Göttlinger, Marita Demattio, and Victor Sales.


TRANSFORM-ARTE is an art fair of a special kind. The background idea and motto is to transform through art. The artists are the center of attention. Every event has a main theme. The intention is to bring together artistic diversity and support artistic freedom.

Established as an initiative of ART HOUSE PROJECT in 2017, our aim since is to present visual and performing artists, as well as writers and musicians from home and abroad, to open up the art scene in Burgenland and to support collaborations between artists.

Event Location

The event location is the former Paedagogische Akademie Eisenstadt, a massive building constructed in the mid 60’s.
It was a place to train prospective teachers for over 40 years, until it was given up in 2008 and abandoned for almost a decade. Since 2017 however, TRANSFORM-ARTE brought it back to life.

Located in the hills behind the Esterhazy Palace and the city park, the building and the surrounding area are an ideal playground for creativity in the heart of nature.

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Transform-Arte 2021

Eisenstadt, Austria