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TRANSFORM-ARTE is an Art Fair of a special kind. The artists are the center of attention, the background idea and motto is „to transform through art“.

Established as an initiative of ART HOUSE PROJECT, our aim is to present artists of different genres and to revolutionize the art scene in Burgenland, Austria, to support collaboration beyond borders and to facilitate exchange of experience and knowledge.

This year, for the second edition of the Art Fair our main theme is RAUM SCHAFFEN („to create space“ – in german)

Event Location

The location for this event is the former Paedagogische Akademie Eisenstadt, a massive building erected in the mid 60’s. It was a place to train prospective teachers for over 40 years, until it was given up in 2008 and abandoned for almost a decade. Now it is brought back to life for the TRANSFORM-ARTE-Art Fair.

Call for Artists

You are invited to participate! More information here:

Call for artists

Call for Sponsors

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Transform-Arte 2019

Eisenstadt, Austria