Transform Arte, Art Fair Eisenstadt

Víctor Sales

This time, born between the green and the concrete landscape of a warm latin land, brought by the winds that make the kites fly and the leaves to say goodbye. And until this day, always looking for that image that I can call mine.

Since I can remember, I have continuously followed the footsteps of my own burning desire. That let me to wander and to explore, to reach and to breach the inner depths of what is hidden behind every possible door.

Far away places, became so familiar and tangible that my soles worn out, all for the sake to recall what this experience taste like. This road had led me to gaze beyond the starry night, and look upon the opportunity hidden on plain sight.

A few rounds around the world showed me the way to a land where the music flows and so the wine, although it seems strange, this is where I made a muse of my art, this is where I learned the most important lesson of all:

I’m a self taught artist.