Transform Arte, Art Fair Eisenstadt

Vera Gebauer

Vera Gebauer (also known as Veronika Keresztény) is an abstract artist who has been living in Austria since 2016. She was born in 1985 in Hungary and her special artistic ability had already appeared in her childhood. After she trained herself privately in different kinds of art techniques like oil painting, watercolor and graphic arts, Vera Gebauer began her artistic career in Eger, studied first in the painter decorator school, then in the Visual Arts Institute under Péter Földi. In 2008 she received her degree in Art and Visual Communication and had several single and group exhibitons in Eger, Budapest, Győr, Sopron and Germany. Between 2008-2012 she lived in Budapest and worked as a drawing teacher, then she studied digital arts and began a freelance artist career as a digital graphic designer. In 2016 she moved with her husband to Austria and returned to fine art, watercolor, acrylic and tried mixed media. Vera Gebauer is a professional artist who specializes in modern abstract art, abstract floral paintings and spiritual symbolism.