Transform Arte, Art Fair Eisenstadt

Tajana Mair

Born 1970 in Vienna, she graduated from the Kunstgewerbeschule in the Herbststraße and focussed on graphic design, textile printing techniques and acryl painting.
1992 she graduated with Matura and the apprenticeship certification exam in art embroidery.

Since 2005 she organizes painting workshops and team building seminars, paints everything that she can get hold of, like furniture, clothes, objects in nature as well as face painting for childern and body painting count among her passions!*

In her works full of phantasy she manages to express feelings, emotions and atmospheres. That way spontaneously inspired vivid scenes emerge trough a very light imagery, trough which she tells very personal stories of what she has experienced, heared or thought up.„My paintings shall be an oasis for stressed city persons”