Transform Arte, Art Fair Eisenstadt

Susanne Dittrich

When I am painting, I break away from everything that „has to be“. I break away from thoughts. There ain’t no rules, no formats and no colours which I’d prefer right in this moment. All that counts is the moment between me and the canvas. Free and spontaneous. By means of simple doing, everything gets into motion. There is no plan. Those coincidences which happen in this moment are tracks and make history. Coincidences like a print that lies in front of me on the floor. Sand, which has an attraction on me. Coffee dregs, ein sheet, diluted acrylic paint or an old work from myself which catches my eye right in this moment. Nothing remains as it appears initially. My paintings are formed frequently by superposition of many layers. Mostly applied with a sponge, less common by brushstrokes. The sponge gives my painting stenderness and sensibility. I „feel“ certain moves which resemble cloud formations often. Clouds are related to my job. As a stewardess, I travel to many countries. I meet many people, many cultures and much nature. I get distance from predetermined beaten paths. It is what is right at the moment. In my family, in painting and in the remoteness too.