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Selecta Rizzla (G-Spot Sound)

G-SPOT SOUND was founded in 2001 during a journey to Kingston/Jamaica by Phile and Oliver, both from the Lower Austria Province of Austria. Out of the passion for jamaican soundsystemculture they started to organize their own dances and to represent their sound all over the country. Due to regular trips to Jamaica – and contacts established in Kingston- G-SPOT became soon one of the leading sounds of Austria when it comes to dubplatevoicing.
Soon Selecta O.G. (also named Oliver) joined the Sound and added his unique mixing skills to G-SPOT’s performances.

Later Oliver decided to relocate totally to Jamaica and left the Sound, but still was supportive with his contacts in Kingston.
In 2004 Koolbreak, heading all the way from Austria’s far east, joined the crew. At least since then G-SPOT became known as the country’s top party sound, especially popular for their fluent juggling. Since 2006 G-SPOT hosts their own regular in Vienna and introduced a new tune focused style to the viennese massive.

After playing many dances in Austria, Germany and Poland the crew decided to enter the battlefield and in 2007 General Palma (Ita/Aut) was killed during three rounds straight in Austria’s first dubplate-only clash.

In 2008-2010 Tobias and Rizzla, both active soundmen for years, reinforced the crew further. Beside playing the sound at dances and promoting the regular party Bruk Off Yuh Back, Koolbreak hosts the only reggae radio show on Austrian commercial radio.

In 2022 the crew made a fulminant comeback on the clash stage by winning Champions Clash in Erlangen, Germany.

Selecta Rizzla will join us on Friday (3:00 PM to 4/5:00 PM) and Saturday (from 10:00 PM on) with some nice tunes!