Transform Arte, Art Fair Eisenstadt

Nora Demattio

Demattio Nora, B.A., studied Cultural and Social Anthropology, Art History, and Spanish at the University of Vienna, earning a Bachelor of Arts degree.

After her studies at the University of Vienna, Nora went to Central America in 2009, where she initially collaborated with artists in exhibitions and events, and then conducted research in the tourism industry on the significance and visibility of women. In collaboration with local guides, she led tours in the rainforest and wrote travel reports.

About ten years ago, she returned to Austria, where she initially became self-employed as an artisan and in late 2013, together with Victor Sales, launched the “Art House Project” – a platform for art and artists with a focus on promoting young artists and supporting urban and regional development.

In 2017, Víctor Sales and Nora Demattio initiated the first art fair in Burgenland, called “Transform-Arte,” and collaborated for the first time with the Diocese of Eisenstadt. In the second edition, she was recruited as an editor for the Media and Communications Department.

Since 2023, she has been leading the Diocesan Media Department in Eisenstadt.