Transform Arte, Art Fair Eisenstadt


In addition to her theater productions, which have led her to guest performances and festivals in 45 countries worldwide, Karin Schäfer has increasingly focused on her visual works in recent years.

While her plays have always been situated at the intersection of performing and visual arts, she now takes her stories from the stage and directly incorporates them into her paintings – combining her passion for travel with her desire not to lose herself.

The central approach in her works, both in theater and in her visual pieces, is always the technique of collage – the disassembly, compilation, combination of elements from other contexts, and their integration into new perspectives, scenes, actions, and images.

Her SEAmaps are based on world maps and nautical cartography from historical eras to the present, combined with artifacts of the global economy and society of the past centuries: shipping containers, postcards, stamps, newspaper articles…