Transform Arte, Art Fair Eisenstadt

Daphne Duty

Daphne Duty was born in Vienna in 1997 and completed her secondary education in the visual arts branch at BRG Boerhaavegasse in Vienna in 2015.

Expression has always been the starting point of her artistic work.

After school, her focus shifted from visual arts to performing arts.
She began to further educate herself in contemporary dance and contact improvisation.
Her style has always been very performative, playful, and spontaneous.

When she discovered performance art in 2020, she knew that it was her home and started exploring this field. Her performances blend elements of dance, theater, voice, and poetry. Her works are atmospheric, ritualistic, narrative, touching, and humorous. She explores the experience of being human in contrast to essence. Vitality, emotionality, and the experience of embodiment are also part of her artistic exploration. She questions societal norms in the process. The joy of playing and immersing oneself in the multifacetedness of existence is reflected in her works. New forms and shapes emerge through fabric and costume. The body is reinterpreted, expanding and distorting itself.

In the process of development, she works with improvisation, approaching intuitively. Many connections reveal themselves, and the experience of different textures becomes possible.