Transform Arte, Art Fair Eisenstadt

Camillo Stepanek

Following his two exhibitions in the infamous district of SoHo (New York) in 2012, young Austrian artist Camillo Stepanek coined the new art movement Pop Art Nouveau.
Fascinated by the boundless patterns discovered within nature, Camillo Stepanek’s work traverses a fine line between the natural and the artificial to create something completely unique.

Born and raised in a small and quaint town, Camillo had the privilege to be surrounded by the harmonies of nature from a very young age. The decaying beauty of post-war ruins intertwined with nature acted as a portentous catalyst even at a very young age.. Consequently, this combination created a unique and unparalleled landscape.
Camillo Stepanek is inspired by the beauty in small things: the individually shaped lines marbled in wood, the shimmer on the surface of a chestnut and the veins within a rock. All elements highlighted within nature have their very own story to tell, and it’s this deepness that Camillo Stepanek wishes to bring forth in his art. By highlighting these  so-called various lines within nature he is trying to bridge the emotions evoked by nature, but also by our own personal experiences and emotions that make us humans so unique and individual.

“Creativity is a gift which can stimulate both happiness and pain for people. My passion for beauty and art fuel a volcano within me which is stimulated by numerous experiences in my life. This ability combined with my emotions propel a charge within me which will eventually erupt in one form or another artistically. So I paint.”