Transform Arte, Art Fair Eisenstadt

Petra Forman

Petra Forman was born in the Weinviertel region of Austria and paints in Croatia, on the Dalmatian Adriatic coast of Korcula, or in Burgenland at Lake Neudörfl. She has participated in numerous international and national exhibitions. The greatest inspiration comes from the beauty of nature, especially from her studio directly by the sea, with a stunning view of the Adriatic coast.

Petra Forman translates these emotions into shapes, textures, and color. The application of materials and the repeated scraping, tearing, and overpainting leave traces on the paintings. These traces are covered and made recognizable again by subsequently breaking the applied layer, allowing the viewer to sense the complexity of the works. These individual layers overlap like sediments in nature.
Just as in the natural process of decomposition, cracks also appear here, through which the underlying layers of color shine. The pursuit of depth and intensity of color is the reason why she often uses multiple layers of color, as well as grainy or rough textures and materials such as red earth and rust, which represent the beauty of decay, resulting in tactile images that one wants to touch. Structures can now also be found in the figurative series of paintings.

• Since 2022, postgraduate master’s degree program in ART & ECONOMY at the “University of Applied Arts, Vienna”
• Since 2021, in the master class of art lecturer Christian Ludwig ATTERSEE
• Master’s degree program in Executive Management MBA – General Management in Vienna